Full Name: Allan Baile
School/Organization: Aspen Heights Elementary
City: Red Deer
Province: Alberta

Aquaponics for All

Posted on: 17 May 2018

Action: The students were engaged in setting up , caring and maintaining the aquaponics system. Students were enthusiastic to learn about the potential to grow their own food and the impact this has on our environment.

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Saving Our World- One Insect at a Time!

Posted on: 08 May 2017

Action: At Aspen Heights Elementary we have taken the initial steps to raise and release beneficial insects into our local urban environment. Students have purchased screened aquariums so that they are able to raise Chinese Praying Mantis. Each of the 5 egg ...

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Hydroponics- Feeding Our Students

Posted on: 14 Apr 2016

Action: Aspen Heights MicroSociety purchased two hydroponics kits in lat December of 2015. Two different systems were purchased, an ebb and flow system and an air stone flow system. In January of 2016 the students were responsible for planting the hydroponic...

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School Aquaponics Project

Posted on: 09 Jun 2015

Action: Our MicroSociety program in conjunction with our 50 student member Enviro-Club have embarked on projects that will make our students and community aware or how we can reduce our global environmental impact. Three 20 gallon aquaponics kits were pu...

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