kim koverzin


School/Organization: Argyle Alternative High School
Grades/Ages: 10-12
City: winnipeg
Province: Manitoba

Argyle Outdoor Classroom 2020-2021

Posted on: 01 Jun 2021

Action: We came up with the idea of building garden boxes and bird houses for our school yard as well as having the option for students to take them home. We created designs and built some models to base all of the boxes/bird houses off of. As a science teac...

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Argyle Indoor Garden

Posted on: 28 Feb 2021

Action: We reached out to a local plant shop for advice on how to grow plants indoors. Based on that advice we selected a hydroponic growing station that would fit on our lighted shelving that we connected to our solar panels. We planted vegetables and herbs...

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Argyle Indoor Garden

Posted on: 27 Feb 2021

Action: Researched indoor gardens, lights/hydroponic growing kits, and seeds that would work in our school. Planted seeds and began to watch them grow with guidance from staff and local garden center.

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