Les pantheres bleus

Les pantheres bleus

Full Name: Jen Adams
School/Organization: Orchard Park P.S.
Grades/Ages: 3
City: Burlington
Province: Ontario

Knitting Hats and Blankets for Children at Mc Master’s Children’s Hospital

Posted on: 20 Apr 2018

Action: Grade 3 students who are interested will learn how to knit using a loom. They will knit hats for babies and young children. Grade 4 - 6 students who already know who to knit will work together to knit blankets for young children. *Helps encou...

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Hats and Food for the Homeless

Posted on: 19 Oct 2015

Action: We can help give food, clothes and money to help provide a better environment to the homeless. We can collect food to donate to homeless shelters. We can knit hats for the homeless people so that they are not as cold in the winter.

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