Full Name: Mathieu Morin
School/Organization: École secondaire Michelle-O'Bonsawin
Grades/Ages: 7-12
City: Toronto
Province: 9

Pollinator Garden

Posted on: 04 Jun 2024

Action: Our students weeded and emptied six existing concrete plant beds that were straddling either side of an outdoor seating area on our school grounds. All the beds were full of grasses and weeds. We planted 40+ native pollinator-friendly plants (15 indi...

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Rooftop Garden/Greenhouse/Water Collection System

Posted on: 25 Jun 2018

Action: We rebuilt the planters to increase their depth and built a greenhouse on the terrace by building a structure that encloses the planters with slanted clear plastic roofing. This will achieve a number of goals: 1) Turning it into a greenhouse will mo...

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Rooftop Garden

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Action: As stated in our vision, our goal is to transform the rooftop terrace on our school into a green space that is easily accessible to students and teachers. Our plan is to fill approximately 40% of the roughly 12’ x 12’ terrace with plants in the form ...

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