Ryan Oxley


Full Name: Ryan Oxley
School/Organization: Parkdale Elementary
Grades/Ages: Pre-k to 6
City: Montreal
Province: Quebec

EBS Compost Champions

Posted on: 19 May 2023

Action: After an alarming waste audit result conducted by the cycle 3 students, action needed to take place. Students were discouraged at the sight of what was ending up in the school's regular waste as well as how much waste was being produced on a daily ba...

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Coronation pollination garden

Posted on: 24 Feb 2021

Action: The students will work through all the steps to create a thriving eco system in their school's existing pollinator garden. Students will work along experts in eco system restoration to plan out a garden design and select local native plants to provid...

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Garden Reinstallation

Posted on: 03 May 2018

Action: Our garden at Hampstead started in 2013-14 with the support of the school and the after school program (BASE Daycare). Staff worked with the students to plan and build a garden located in front of the school. Last spring the garden was removed due ...

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Parkdale Community Garden

Posted on: 27 Apr 2018

Action: Our garden will help address such issues and environmental by beautifying the school space and teaching kids to engage in the garden that has many science and environment connections. They will be exposed to social impact by growing their own seedlin...

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