Our Canada Project 2018/2019 Award Winners

The LSF-RBC Our Canada Project Award is given annually to the top 3 projects posted on www.OurCanadaProject.ca to recognize outstanding student leadership and contributions to Canada’s sustainable future. Each of the award recipients will be given a certificate of achievement acknowledging their successful project in addition to a financial prize to be used for future action projects:

  • First place: $3,000
  • Second Place: $2,000
  • Third Place: $1,000

Check out the winning projects these schools have done by reading the summaries below!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful projects! They were amazing – Keep up the great work! We look forward to seeing your student-led action projects next year!


Greenhouse Restoration – Holy Trinity Catholic High School – Bradford, ON


The Social Justice club at Holy Trinity worked with their peers in the Green Team to restore their school’s greenhouse after it sat as a storage room for over 20 years. The student leaders wanted to teach their peers about the types of plants grown in the Holland Marsh and how to use and preserve land. They fought to get school administration to repair the greenhouse, convincing them to clear out the items that were being stored there, fix the power issues and re-insulate it. Students then reached out to local greenhouses and farming supply stores to get planting materials. They succeeded in receiving donations of seeds, tools and equipment to help them run their greenhouse. The student leaders also worked with their science teachers to integrate the greenhouse into the curriculum to ensure it is taken care of for years to come. The team hopes to grow a variety of different plants to use for their science and hospitality classes and to donate to their local food bank and homeless shelters. Holy Trinity teacher and students attended the LSF Our Canada Project Youth Leadership Forum in Toronto.

View their post here.

At LSF’s 17th Annual Gala on June 5th, 2019, students from the school, Kassidy and Jamie, along with their teacher Julie Fabiano, gave a presentation about their Greenhouse Restoration project to attending business, government and community leaders. They were then presented with the first place award by Patrick Famaran, Assistant Manager, Youth Social Impact, Corporate Citizenship, RBC.


Sustainable Swap Week – St. James Collegiate – Winnipeg, MB

In February, student leaders from St. James Collegiate attended LSF’s Youth Forum in Winnipeg, where they heard a keynote address and attended workshops by fellow students from Miles Macdonnell Collegiate focused on their waste reduction efforts. After hearing about the amazing changes the Miles Mac students had managed to bring about (and after learning to make their own beeswax food wrap at one of the Miles Mac workshops!), the St. James students returned to school inspired to take action. Many restaurants surround the school, so students constantly purchased food and returned to school with plastic grocery bags, straws and other packaging. The student leaders of The EcoJimmies, the school’s eco-club, wanted to address this issue and guide their community in making more sustainable choices. To do this, they held a week of “sustainable swaps” workshops for their school, including turning old t-shirts into reusable shopping bags, making all-natural bath bombs and lip scrubs in reusable containers, DIY beeswax food wrap, and creating sustainable and plastic-free lunch kits. Over 100 St. James students participated and now proudly use their metal straws and beeswax wraps at lunch, and continue to educate their peers on sustainable alternatives. The EcoJimmies team is already making plans for next years’ events!

View their post here.

Carolee Buckler, member of LSF’s Board of Directors,  presented the second place award and cheque to the students  on Friday, June 14.


United First Nation Youth Summit – Riverview High School –  Riverview, NB

Riverview High spent their whole school year, including the Youth Leadership Forum in Fredericton in November, planning their United First Nations Youth Summit for Indigenous youth across the 15 First Nation communities in NB, as well as Riverview’s student body. Their Summit modeled the United Nations, where delegates participated in a variety of committee discussions and workshops around the topics of education, social justice, health & wellness, the environment, and economics. The Summit served two main purposes – to raise awareness around all four pillars of sustainability, as previously listed, and to unite Indigenous and non- Indigenous students. At the closing, delegates presented their “calls to action” for moving forward in their respective communities and forming partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

View their post here.

Students from Riverview received a certificate and a cheque to support their future activities.


Psychological Benefits of Interacting with Nature – Westview Centennial Secondary School – Toronto, ON

At the LSF Our Canada Project Youth Leadership Forum held in Toronto on March 25th, 2019, one activity that particularly resonated with student leaders from Westview was brainstorming ideas on how nature impacts one’s psychological well-being. They brought their learning on this topic back to school where they educated their peers on the positive effects caring for plants and being in nature can have on stress and anxiety. To create this positive impact on their community, student leaders purchased planting material and engaged their peers in transplanting and beautifying their school grounds. Now, Westview has a space where students can connect with nature in a meaningful way. Plans are in place to make sure this space flourishes as warmer weather comes.

View their post here.

At LSF’s 17th Annual Gala on June 5th, 2019, students from the school, Martin and Chioma, along with their teacher Louise Tedoldi, gave a presentation about their action project, “Psychological Benefits of Interacting with Nature” to attending business, government and community leaders. They were then presented with an Honourable Mention certificate by Patrick Famaran, Assistant Manager, Youth Social Impact, Corporate Citizenship, RBC.

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