3 BEE C’s Help the Bees


Students are interested in helping out the bees with the pollination process. Students understand that over 80 of the crops that we eat depend on bees and the pollination process. The students want to help provide some of the plants that bees need to travel to daily. They understand that bees can visit thousands of flowers in a day and, looking around our school, they said they can not see the thousands of flowers that the bees need.


Students wanted to help bees around the school and see how they can help the bees repopulate. They researched “how can we help the bees”? They decided to do posters to educate people in the school about how bees are great. They also looked at what flowers bees like and came up with two different kinds of seeds they wanted to order. They picked drought-tolerant ones because they knew the school does not have people there in the summer to water them. They picked seeds that are one of our school colours as well.

Reflection & Celebration

Students were extremely excited about all of the bee information they now have. Many of them said that it has been their favourite topic for Grade 3. At the end of May, we are also holding a Bee Expo for other classes to come into the school Learning Commons to share in our exciting research and spread the word about the great work bees do!

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