A Garden for the School


Our vision is to create an outdoor space around the school grounds that teaches our community about sustainable practices and climate change by transforming the space into gardens of native plant species that are edible, great pollinators for the local fauna and adaptable to the changing climate. By incorporating a small native plant species garden in an already bare area of the school grounds, we would be taking our first steps towards our vision for the school.


At the back of our school, we had two shaded areas that were devoid of plants near a staircase and railing. With that in mind we thought that adding a native plant garden that can be viewed and explored everyday by students, staff, and parents, would be a good addition. It would bring awareness to the school community on the benefits of using native plant species in gardens when possible as they are already adapted to the conditions of our region, along with the importance of specific plants to local pollinators and wildlife. The area was prepped with the help of our school librarian and several hardworking students who tilled and irrigated the soil to ensure transplantation of the plants would go smoothly. To date we’ve planted 20 different plants species and added locally sourced wood chips. A group of grade 8 students are currently working on info cards that will be laminated and added to the area for viewing by the school community. Temporary wood signs with plant names (common and taxonomic) have been to the garden, till a class of grade 7 students complete painted rocks with the names to add to the garden.

Reflection & Celebration

This project was a great show of teamwork, as there were many hiccups in the last month to delay our project. With the help of students from my class and teaching partner, our school’s Green Team, and our teacher librarian we were able to have the garden planted last week. The project is still ongoing with the information cards needing to be completed so that may accompany the garden. As well, as possible additions in the fall season to add to the space we’ve created, and looking into the next steps that we can take to continue with our vision. Our students continue to contribute their time every day to ensuring the plants are adapting and recovering from being transplanted. As a team, we are happy to see the garden come to be, and we all look forward to seeing it grow and flourish as the season’s past. Our students enjoyed the project, and their joy seems to have spread, as more and more of our students are asking on how they can help with the garden.

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