A Place to Grow and Share


The students from our school’s Eco Team wanted to create a space to grow food and other plants. They wanted this to be a learning space for classes to explore plant life and habitat interactions. As well, they also wanted to include community members in our project.


Students first needed to decide what plants we should grow. They had to design where in each of the planter boxes each plant should be placed to optimize its’ growth potential. We need to make a list of materials and purchase materials. The pre-existing planter boxes had been neglected and were overgrown. They needed to remove weeds, mix in fresh soil and plant plants. Eco Team members, as well as some Grade 1, Grade 3 and Autism class students took initiative to care for the garden. Our senior Eco Team members made announcements to raise student awareness of the garden (tell families, elders, etc) to ensure proper and continuous care for it. Over the summer, some student’s families and community elders help tend to the gardens and harvest for their families.

Reflection & Celebration

Students were very excited to watch the garden grow. Classes were able to use the garden as part of their learning. It was wonderful to see community members and students’ families using the gardens. Now that we have begun planting, we want to continue. Next project: “Trees give us shade and others a home”

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11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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