Aissko’kiinaa: Help Out Our Little Helpers


Since Grade 1, Odin has been concerned about the ant hills on the school grounds around our school. Every spring, he has advocated for the Aissko’kiinaa (ants, in Blackfoot) and he did so again this year. He decided that talking to fellow students and teachers was not enough. It was time to be more proactive.


With a little help from the school staff, Odin prepared a presentation explaining to students why the ants are important and went from class to class to deliver his message to his peers. Odin presented to 13 classes (over 200 students in total). He has also helped construct a little enclosure for the ants’ nest that would hopefully deter younger students from throwing sticks and boulders onto the nest.

Reflection & Celebration

One of Odin’s presentations was witnessed by a local Elder. He was so impressed with our young ant advocate that he gifted Odin a bag of special ant hill dirt used by Niitsitapi people for their smudge boxes. Saving a single ant nest from getting damaged might not sound like a groundbreaking feat but it is through these small actions we can make a significant difference in caring for our environment. It is only when everyone is on board that we can hope to mitigate biodiversity loss, climate change, and destruction of habitats.

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