Anti-Idling Campaign


Our school is not set up well for parents to pick up and drop off their kids. There is no space in the parking lot or in front of the school. People have to pull up along the roads bordering the school field. There seems to be a sense of competition for parking spots and parents arrive extremely early to pick up their children.

We took our group out to complete an idling audit one day close to pick up time. We wanted to see if it was a worthwhile to pursue this as our action project. The end of day bell rings at 3:30pm so we went out at 3:00pm to start tracking idling. Already, there were dozens and dozens of cars surrounding the field, waiting to pick up children. Not all of these cars had their engines running, but we calculated about 5 hours of idling minutes in the 30 minutes that we tracked. Taking into account the conditions of the day, we anticipated this number being higher on a typical winter or summer day. The day we tracked had a very mild temperature, neither hot nor cold, with a cool breeze – ideal conditions that did not warrant heating or cooling. These stats prompted us to take on the challenge of an anti-idling campaign.


We purchased 17 signs from LSF, along with two more that we had already at the school. One of our teachers’ husband is a welder and he offered to make the metal strapping required to attach the signs to our chain link fence. We had two green team students create an info-graphic and wrote an email to send out to families. The day the signs were put up around the school yard, we sent the email and infographic out to families. We will be conducting a post-campaign idling audit in the coming days.

Reflection & Celebration

In addition to our anti-idling campaign, we used some remaining funds from our grant to add to our native pollinator garden that was started last spring.

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