Aquaponics – The Future of Sustainable Food


Our vision for Canada is…that our students will become leaders in creating a sustainable future – a future that they can shape through their own ideas, experiences, and passions. Our students have already developed a basic knowledge about the importance of nurturing and growing food to fill their plates. They have gathered this through our involvement in The Little Green Thumbs classroom gardens, our school greenhouse, and a variety of projects on the environment. We would like to take this passion one step further and incorporate an aquaponics garden inside our school. We envision engaging the students in seeing exactly how species can interact and nurture one another.


Our project will both increase student knowledge in species interdependence, and the importance of sustainable growing practices, and contribute to the re-building of the fish stocks in our province. The students will be engaged in learning about the life cycle of the salmon, the dietary needs of plants, and how both the plants and the fish can develop a mutualistic relationship.
An aquaponics garden will be built and housed in a multipurpose room available to all classes in the school. Students directly involved in the project will share their learning with other classes through oral presentations, reports, artwork, and class visits. All students in the school will have access to view the fish and the garden as it grows.

This project was highlighted during our annual Spring Fling Market & Expo. Students and families were encouraged to visit a variety of areas in our school including the greenhouse, vermicomposting, aquaponics, STEM expo, art show, etc. This gave our families an opportunity learn about the different environmental activities students are engaged in.

Reflection & Celebration

The future activity of the project is to continue fresh in the fall, with more fish, to ensure a larger harvest. With careful planning between the greenhouse, classroom gardens, and aquaponics we hope to harvest enough produce to make our own salsa.

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