Argyle Indoor Garden


We wanted to have fresh local vegetables and herbs available to more of our students. Our vision was to grow healthy food indoors for our students at Argyle so that we would be able to serve it in our cafeteria throughout the school year. Our school already has solar panels and we wanted to take advantage of that clean energy to grow food year round.


We reached out to a local plant shop for advice on how to grow plants indoors. Based on that advice we selected a hydroponic growing station that would fit on our lighted shelving that we connected to our solar panels. We planted vegetables and herbs and have watched them grow over the months. We also participated in virtual learning events that have sparked more interest in our garden and sustainable communities including an inspirational speaking engagement with Winona Laduke.

Reflection & Celebration

All of our students have become more engaged with how food grows and have also enjoyed healthy meals that have been supplemented with produce from our garden. Students have also noticed that throughout the winter months they have enjoyed seeing the greenery growing in the classroom. Many students have said that it has improved their moods and helped them feel more relaxed in the classroom.


1. No Poverty
3. Good Health and Well-Being
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
15. Life on Land
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