Argyle Outdoor Classroom 2020-2021


We wanted to continue to beautify both our school grounds as well as the neighbourhoods that our students at Argyle live in. We worked with students (phys.ed. class) to assess our school yard and come up with ideas on what we could add to it to enhance sustainability and beauty for the community.


We came up with the idea of building garden boxes and bird houses for our school yard as well as having the option for students to take them home. We created designs and built some models to base all of the boxes/bird houses off of. As a science teacher I lead the conversations as well as held the viewings of the LSF online workshops with the students for inspiration and ideas. We engaged the students in conversations about what we learned and how we could apply it to our school. Our phys ed teacher took her students outside to plan for the future of our outdoor classroom expansions. We also found an old informative sign for our outdoor classroom that we are hoping to fix up/repurpose and put back into our outdoor space once Covid restrictions have been loosened.

Reflection & Celebration

Our entire school will benefit from enhancing our natural spaces. Students will be able to learn from, and observe the plants/animals in our outdoor classroom. This will help teachers foster genuine connections between the curriculum and real life as well as provide a space where students can feel relaxed. We hope to continue working to build our outdoor space in the future,

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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