Arts Alive Up Cycled Craft Event


We have been working on making our school completely plastic water bottle free for the past year. We would like to encourage people to use reusable water bottles and simultaneously, spread the word about why plastic is so damaging to our environment. We will do this through an up cycled craft table at the annual arts alive community event. The Eco club and art club will collaborate and create an assortment of completely up-cycled crafts to sell, and make a profit at our annual evening arts event.


With the money made at our up cycled craft sale, we will be buying personalized stainless steel water bottles. On one side people will be able to have their name written on the bottle and on the other side we will put a statistic about plastic and how it is damaging to our bodies, our environment, the economy and society. We will sell them to our school community in hopes to rid our school of even more plastic water bottles! We hope to raise approx $600-800 from our campaign. We always have an annual earth week celebration and assembly at our school and this is where we will be highlighting our successes. We will continue to collect plastic water bottles and make bulletin boards and art out of them, to continue to build awareness around our issue. We will send our Eco club mentors into classrooms to lead workshops on the evils of plastic in our environment.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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