Baby bites for sustainable food production


Students and their households having access to fresh healthy local produce.


Our class learned about the impacts food production on our planet and the limited food production of fresh produce in our region. As a class, we wanted to look at what might be done to resolve both access to healthy fresh produce for families in need and reduce our community’s green house gas emissions. We looked into hydroponic and grow light technology, but when at-home-learning cam into effect our project had to change.
Each student was provided with the materials needed to grow a tomato plant and some herbs. They were asked to take it home with a plan to care for it and have a harvest in their homes over the summer. Because the nature of our project changed, we had funds available to donate our school’s Green Team for future projects and the Membertou Heritage Park as a thank you for the lessons they graciously shared with our class.

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
13. Climate Action
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