“Ban the Bottle”


Our vision for Canada is to reduce the number of plastic water bottles and straws from juice boxes used. We will sell school branded water bottles and host events to bring awareness of this important event to encourage students to use our water refill stations and refill water bottles using tap water instead of bottled water.


We bought 500 school branded water bottles and will continue to sell water bottles to students to encourage students to use our school water refill stations. We want to make the water bottles accessible to as many students as possible and kept the costs as low as possible to students. Students took on a leadership role during the month of March, by partnering the sale of water bottles with the “Great Gulp Challenge”, as well as a water taste test, to determine if they can even taste the difference between tap and bottled water. Students monitored the increase in use of our refill station and promoted water bottle sales by announcements, Twitter and at our Grand Opening.

Reflection & Celebration

We have sold 74 water bottles so far and will continue to sell them throughout this year and beyond. We were challenged by the cost of the water bottles and the profit margin to be able to make plans with the profit. We will continue to market and promote the sale of the water bottles in a variety of ways, including announcements, Social Media and through the sale of the water bottles at school events. We will continue to educate students and the community about the importance of using reusable water bottles.


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