Banting Memorial’s Accessible Garden


Our vision for Canada is one where we can change our peers’ mindsets to bring about positive differences in our school and community, especially when dealing with the environment.

We will do this through various environmental awareness campaigns at our school: Buy Nothing Day, Earth Hour, Water Conservation Week, and sustainability though a new school garden.

If we all grew our own vegetables organically, with non-gmo seeds, we would greatly reduce greenhouse gases. We would also have a healthier population. The produce will be used in Hospitality, Food and Nutrition and Life Skills classes. The left over produce will be given to families in need. It is important for young people to connect with the earth, and to live their lives in more sustainable ways. It is also important that all people have access to nutritious food, no matter their economic status.

Some of the students in the classes that will be regularly using the garden are in a wheel chair. It is important for our garden to be wheel chair accessible.

We are partnering with community members to help share knowledge of gardening and to pass along extra produce.


Our club is called the Movement for Change. We have chosen starting a Community Garden at Banting as our major project for the year. Growing our own food is important for the sustainability of our country and to reduce the harmful effects of industrial agriculture.

The garden will be used by multiple classes in various disciplines. The garden will help feed families in need.

This project will need approval from the school administration and possibly the school board. Students in various classes will be engaged as they plant vegetables and herbs, harvest, and make meals from the produce. Students will also feel like they are helping the community, as the left over produce will go to families in need.

Gardening is a mindful activity. Many students will find the time in the outdoors, being productive, with their hands in the dirt, growing their own food, rewarding and invigorating. Students will have the opportunity to connect with other community members, as they learn more about gardening.

Our garden is a very inclusive space. It is designed so that all students can access the garden and take part in this hands on learning activity. Building a wheel-chair accessible garden, with different heights, to make planting and harvesting different crops, easier, is an important part of our garden.

Students will also learn that vegetable gardening is an inexpensive and easy way, to put healthy food on the table.

This project was initiated by students in the Movement for Change Club. Students initiated all teacher contacts, and got over 15 teachers and administration on board. The students helped choose the garden site, and took part in deciding what to plant. Students also designed and built the 3-tier wheel chair accessible garden beds.


3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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