Becoming Self Sufficient: Providing Paper for the School


To develop self sufficiency and reduce our waste (garbage and recycling needs) to the lowest levels possible. By creating our own paper, we are reducing the amount of paper we send out to recycling, we make up for over-photocopying in the school, and we ultimately become more aware of our habits and how the affect the environment. By raising awareness in this way, we hope everyone is lead to make smarter choices about what they choose to do when it comes to waste habits.


The first step has been to use paper destined for the recycling plant to create poster paper for use in our school. This paper has an interesting look and the school classes have loved using it for projects.

The next step will be to take this recycled paper and create posters and signs to help improve awareness about recycling habits in the school. These posters will include information about what can be recycled, what can be composted, and what needs to go in the garbage. This education campaign should help to lower our waste and allow us to continue to lead our school district as one of the lowest waste producers.

Students want to continue to look for ways to improve our school and limit waste. This includes using awareness campaigns and school events to have students use re-usable plastic containers for lunches, reusable water bottles and other things of this nature.

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