Bee and Butterfly Garden


Our vision for Canada is a country where nature is protected, preserved and valued. Our students were concerned with the decline in bees (from the Cheerio boxes) and butterflies. This is an issue to our community as this can have a major impact on food production and the environment.


The students who came up with the idea of planting flowers/bulbs to attract/help pollinator insects were quite passionate about this cause. They made posters
that were hung throughout the school and shared their excitement with their friends and classmates. All of our teachers are aware of this planting project and can use any one of our garden areas as a natural hands on teaching/learning environment to engage St. Mary’s students in the area of science and religion. This project will engage our school community for many years to come as the bulbs, live roots and rhysomes we planted are perennials. They were planted in 3 different gardens around our school grounds and will certainly green and enhance our natural areas.

Our students newfound knowledge of pollination and plants will go far beyond the school yard. Our students are empowered with this information and will bring this home to their families which will reach far into our surrounding communities. In addition to our purchase Vesey’s also provided St. Mary’s with complementary bee flower seed packets for the Eco-Club students. In addition to our school gardens being more pollinator friendly, we will also have 30 more bee gardens from the seed packs that will be planted at home.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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