Bee Friendly!


Our vision was to plant more bee-friendly flowers within our school and wider community. We knew that bees were endangered, and we noticed that there were not a lot of flowers around our school or our local parks that would attract bees.


We wrote a letter to our Principal and asked him where we could plant some flowers. He wrote a letter back explaining that there were two flower beds in desperate need of attention. So, after much needed weeding, we planted over 50 marigolds in both beds! We also wrote to our Mayor and asked him the same thing. He wrote back and told us of a few parks we could plant in, and he even matched our $500.00 so that we could plant double the amount!!

Reflection & Celebration

We’re so glad that there are now more flower beds that support our bees. Lots of our teachers have commented on how great the flower beds look at the front of the school, and we know that community members will enjoy walking past the communal gardens and seeing all the flowers. We know that the bees are excited too!
Next year, we hope to keep replacing the annuals with bee-friendly flowers and we’ll keep an eye on the perennials to make sure that they keep growing each year too!

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