Bee Friendly


Our vision for Canada is… a “bee-friendly” country where all species of bees and other pollinators can live healthy lives free of threats from pesticides, insecticides, diseases and parasites. We envision a country that practices sustainable agriculture and values plant diversity so that pollinators have abundant sources of pollen to nourish themselves and maintain healthy hives. Our project consists of building bee homes that can be placed in neighbourhood and community gardens providing shelter and raising awareness of the threats pollinators face. We hope that our project encourages change in pesticide use and increases plant diversity.


Our ESD committee is made up of 5 teachers and 10 student room representatives. We meet weekly at lunch and so far this year we have started a lunch room compost program, are planning to build a 3 stage compost bin and expand our school planters to include berries and bee-friendly flowering plants. We have also started collecting pencil sharpener shavings and sawdust which we will use in our mulch in our garden boxes.
With the money from the LSF grant we started building “bee houses” which we plan on selling in our neighbourhood and school community. The money (cost recovery) will be used to buy more lumber and supplies so we can continue to build and sell bee houses once our LSF grant is spent thus making our project sustainable into the future. In this way our school grounds, neighbourhood, and larger community will have bee houses that provide shelter for the 387 species of bees that live on the prairies.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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