Our vision for Canada is… a country where pollinators are thriving. Our Grade 5 class took on the challenge of educating our school community about the importance of pollinators and pollinator plants in our daily lives. Our ultimate goal was to become an official Bee School on the Bee City Canada website!


The students researched and learned about the importance of pollinators such as bees and why they are struggling to survive. They learned about native pollinator plants in Ontario. They had a bee expert from the University of Guelph visit their classroom. They designed and planted a new pollinator garden at their school. They made daily announcements for over 2 months about the importance of pollinators and why we need to do our best “to help those little guys” was their slogan. They put up over 50 posters around the school showing pictures of nature pollinator plants that we could plant at home and at school. They had a bee celebration day where the whole school of over 500 staff and students dressed in black and yellow. On that day, the students led an incredible bee assembly for the school. At the end of the day, we were able to announce that Kortright Hills P.S. was a Bee School, the fourth one in Canada!


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