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Our project was to construct worm bins to reduce organic food waste & greenhouse gases. We also purchased items to assist in school area cleanups.
Our vision for a more sustainable Canada is by showing people that little steps taken can add up to a big deal if many people do them.


We purchased “Rubbermaid” type bins and prepared them for vermicomposters to add in different locations around the school. We already had 1 in our classroom and will divide the soil/worms/eggs into the new bins so we can compost even more organic waste that our school produces. By reducing organic waste going to our landfills we can reduce the amount of methane produced from the decomposition of this material. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming.

Reflection & Celebration

We originally wanted to construct/repair a flower bed in front of our school and turn it into a milkweed garden for monarch butterflies, but were turned down by the school division. The students did not give up though and came up with the new plan of constructing the worm bins. We had a few teachers in the building willing to “adopt” the worm bins for their classrooms and the students who worked on the project will lead a presentation on how to use the bins.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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