Bird House Creations


The grade 1/2 class at David Livingstone Community School worked on a collaborative project with the Art Teacher to create bird houses for the community! The science curriculum for these grades teaches about animals, animal habitats and different adaptations that animals make throughout the various seasons. We learned about the destruction of habitats due to expanding cities, logging, and pollution and decided that we would work to create new bird habitats in our community. Being located in the inner city of Winnipeg there is not much access to trees and homes for animals. Our class decided that if we could build some bird houses and put them up, maybe we would increase the amount of wildlife in the area.


Students were tasked with building a birdhouse from scratch and then decorating it. The students worked in a collaborative way with a partner to use tools (screwdrivers and hammers) for the first time! It was an excellent experience that fostered independence, allowed students to shine in a new setting, and developed a desire to support and appreciate nature.
Students then got to take the bird houses home and work with an adult to find it a safe place to hang it up. We talked about where a good bird habitat would be. The students were so happy to share this project with their families.

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