Blooms for Bees and Butterflies


As we stand and look out at each corner of Innisfil Central P.S., all we see are farmer’s fields. Our Kindergarten class has observed many changes in the fields, starting in September with the plants growing, then harvesting in the Fall, and now tilling and replanting in the Spring. In the early Spring, we began talking about the bees needing flowers to pollinate for food to grow. With the LSF Grant, we decided to transform our front school garden into a pollinating and butterfly garden. We can assist in pollination with one small garden, at that we did!


Our Kindergarten class created a pollinating and butterfly garden to help support the bees in our area. Our school is surrounded by farmers’ fields, and our class learned about the pollination process and then planted a garden that provides blooms for the bees and butterflies throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. We then were able to have conversations connecting our garden to the farmers’ fields that surround the school. The process of planting started in March when we planted our own marigolds in our classroom. We started the plants from seed, watered, kept them in the sun, and then planted them in our school garden. The growing process and learning about the plant life cycle was a very interesting inquiry in our classroom, and the students were excited to get their hands in the dirt of the garden. In April, we were able to see the garden without snow and started to examine the plants that were already there. In late April, we added soil, planted our perrenials and watered the garden. Once the frost was done, we planted annuals (marigolds and snapdragons) in the garden to give more blooms for the awakening bees and butterflies. Once all of the plants were in the ground, we used cedar mulch to protect the roots and keep the moisture in the ground. We added more annuals for blooms as we await our perennials to grow and bloom. We continue to water the plants and watch them grow! In the fall, along with our Principal, we will be collecting and tagging monarch butterflies. We will plant milkweed on school property in hopes of attracting the monarchs! This inquiry and grant have given the bees, butterflies and school a garden that will bloom for years to come!

Reflection & Celebration

Our pollinator and butterfly garden is attracting bees and butterflies already! It not only rejuvenated an old garden, but the school has enjoyed seeing the new flowers start to grow. It has changed the look of the front of the school and mulch has added more colour and pizzazz to the school. We are very happy to have been given this grant and so happy to help the bees and butterflies!

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