Bringing Green Into Our School


We live in a rural area and have many trees around us, however, we have no trees/plants inside our school (other than in 2 classrooms). Our vision is to bring green indoors. We want our hallways and common areas to reflect our environmental values and improve the air quality inside our building.


Research the benefits of having indoor plants & trees and what types would grow best in our environment; Use our grant money to purchase items we needed, such as some plants, many plant pots, soil, and a few other things like hooks to hang some of the plants. Get donations of plants and have people propagate their plants to share with us.

Reflection & Celebration

We were able to accomplish our goal. Many students & staff have commented on how much they like having plants and trees in the school. We are continuing to add more species to our project and no data is available about the effects on air quality. It certainly has brightened up our days and created an atmosphere of caring, as students are caring for the plants.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
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