Building a Pollinator Garden full of Ontario Native Plants


EcoSchool team vision: Build a pollinator garden that is exclusively native plants of Ontario, learn about invasive species on plants on school property, and how more gardens can help our communities and cities.


All the students in these actions are apart of EcoSchool Team at our school. They range from grades 2-8.

Students came together by learning about Ontario plants through https://onplants.ca/
Students selected some plants that could be planted.
Teacher went to purchase soil, plants, and reusable gardening gloves.
Students helped clear out areas that the garden bed will be placed, talked about invasive species that are found on school property.
Head custodian helped with creating garden beds.
Students dug holes, planted flowers, added new soil, watered flowers.
As an EcoSchool team, we discussed the benefits of having more gardens full of native plants from our province.
Students also cleaned up garden boxes to prep them to be filled with new soil and then plant more flowers.

Reflection & Celebration

Students have been so excited to be able to do hands on activities, with the grant we got from Learning for a Sustainable Future, it allowed our EcoSchool team get hands on experiences, get messy, and love learning. The grade 2 students were especially excited for an opportunity like this.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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