Building A Pollinator Garden


We learned about the importance of pollinators in our community and wanted to contribute to that in a positive way. There is a large park close to our school that is mostly grass. My students decided it would be a perfect place to plant an 80 square foot pollinator garden.


First of all, the students had to research pollinators in our region and suitable plants. We then presented our information to the City of Kamloops’ head Gardner for some feedback. Then, the students divided into groups and designed a garden. We looked at all of the gardens and discussed the positives and things we need to consider about each plan. We then designed our final garden and presented it to the City of Kamloops’ Gardner. She liked it and only suggested one small change. We created stickers to sell to make extra money for our garden. The students made $200 from selling the stickers. We organized a field trip to visit three local nurseries to pick our plants. Then the following week, we went to the garden location to lay it out. We used eight 10 feet boards to create the octagon. We then removed 80 square feet of grass with shovels as the sod cutter was broken. The students worked extremely hard and we managed to get it all out in three hours. A few days later, we went back and put the dirt in and planted the plants. At the time of submission, we still have three jobs to do. We will be building a fence around the garden. We have also created signs that will be at the garden to educate the public about pollinators and their important role. We are drilling holes into a log so the pollinators have a place to winter.

Reflection & Celebration

What an amazing experience. From partnering with the City of Kamloops, to researching and designing, to picking the plants and doing the labor, my students were engaged and loved every minute of it. They all live in the neighborhood close to the garden so will be able to be proud of their work for a long time to come. Many of my student’s parents have told me that they are now putting in a pollinator garden in their yard after being convinced by their children.


Check out this video of our project!

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