Building custom sustainable keyboards for my school


Build the most keyboards I can for my school. I’ve learned that the keyboards I’m proposing last longer than the average keyboard, so hopefully these will be more sustainable in the long run. Since more people are using keyboards/working from home due to COVID-19, really good performing technology will also allow for a more mindful and user-friendly work experience.


So far I’ve competed to earn another grant and got $1000+ to use towards my project and I’ve built one keyboard with the money from this grant as a proof of concept and now I plan to build a $500 keyboard (ordered the parts). After that, I’m planning to build 2 more keyboards with the rest of the funding I have so that teachers and students have access to a long-lasting, user-friendly keyboard.

Reflection & Celebration

I’m really proud of myself for pushing through this and building it even if it didn’t turn out the best, it still turned out amazing though and I’m super excited to build my next keyboard since it’s hopefully gonna be so much better.

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