Bumble Bee Garden


Our students are interested in creating and maintaining a flower garden that will provide nutrition for bumble bees. We will be growing and maintaining the garden as a school team. “As pollinators, bees play a part in every aspect of the ecosystem. They support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which serve as food and shelter for creatures large and small. Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist.” (https://www.pthomeandgarden.com/5-ways-bees-are-important-to-the-environment/). Our students suggested this as our Action Project because they felt it would benefit the environment, themselves and the community. The garden would feed an important contributor to the environment and also make people from our community smile.


Students got busy planting their starter flowers the beginning of May! They watched them grow into little plants. After, students took their little starters and planted them in their main pots. Everyone has been taking turns to water the plants each day.

Reflection & Celebration

Students are enjoying watching their flowers grow! While the plants are still quite small we are hoping they will be quite large before we ship them home with the students for the summer!

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