Butterfly and Bee Garden


Our vision for Canada is one where cities can be oases for native and migratory wildlife, such as butterflies and native bees.
Bees and butterflies are pollinators who help flowering plants and contribute to the biodiversity and health of our natural ecosystems.


One student in the Eco Team with a particular passion for and connection with the subject planned the bee and butterfly garden, obtained a bee hotel sized for native bees, and purchased plants.
Students in the Middle/Senior School Eco Team made a brief Powerpoint presentation about butterfly migration and gardens, focusing on Monarch butterflies.
We invited our junior school Environmental club over to the Middle/Senior school, where they listened to our presentation, asked questions, and helped with planting.
Youth leadership is highlighted through student initiative in coming up with the idea, planning, creating a schematic of the garden, making the presentation, and liaising with the junior school teachers and students.

Reflection & Celebration

It was not possible to include mud puddles (for butterfly puddling behaviour) in our garden, as these are still water that quickly become hatching sites for mosquitoes. Instead, we will ensure plants remain watered, and hope that some water collects on plant leaves.
The student planning the garden had to work around a semi-sun to shade environment, whereas most of the plants the students originally planned were sun plants.
The garden could not be planted at the junior school, as the entire back area of the school will be dug up this summer to install a new playground.
We planted the garden in planters in a common area of the courtyard accessible to the community. This allows students to water the plants over the summer.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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