Butterfly Garden


Our vision for Canada is to be a place where animals and plants are abundant and have a home to live. We created a butterfly garden where caterpillars and butterflies can live and eat properly before their migration. After completing an inquiry on the Monarch Butterfly in my Grade 2 class the students decided they wanted to make sure a garden in the school had plants available for butterflies since they heard stories of how the butterflies were dying without the proper food, such as milkweed plants.


We added in butterfly-friendly native plants to an already built up garden. We made sure there were sunny and shady spots available. We refreshed the garden with new soil and mulch and put nice garden fencing around it so other students who were not directly involved would know to keep out. Our project directly involved 19 Grade 2 students, 1 teacher and 2 community experts . Students took ownership of the garden by planning out the plants needed and physically helping to plant and refresh the garden.

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