Butterfly Garden


Students at Jack Chambers Public School are very interested in their local environment, and felt a Butterfly garden would be a great addition to the school yard. The students knew that the ecosystem depends upon pollination and that butterflies are the second most productive pollinators. The students hope the garden will attract pollinators of all sorts and plan to nurture and expand the garden in the future.


Grade 8 students developed the garden with the help of the local conservation authority. In June, they dug out the grass, prepared the soil and added dirt. They planted native, drought tolerant plants and bushes and mulched the garden. Future additions will include a butterfly house and water feature. The garden is in a perfect spot for viewing out the school’s front window and away from traffic and the students. It will be the centerpiece of education about butterflies and pollinators in general, as well as ecosystems and habitats. In the fall, the school will have a contest to name the garden. FDK students also plan to release monarchs in the fall, hoping they will come back the following spring. The whole school is excited to watch the garden grow and develop for many years to come.

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