Butterfly Pollinator Garden


Our vision was to create a garden at the front of our school, where butterflies could pollinate flowers and plants and increase natural biodiversity around our school.


Our school ECO Team had a morning of digging and getting down into the dirt in order to create a garden (that had been untended to for quie some time). Some students had never planted before! We ended up with a fresh new space, and one that will hopefully support our surrounding local biodiversity by encouraging pollination. We also created posters and morning announcements to share with the entire student body of our school to inform them of the benefits of the garden.

Reflection & Celebration

As a celebration we also decorated bird houses and hung them in the garden, as well as in some surrounding trees. We took pictuers and admired our work. The principal wrote about our planting in the school newsletter to parents and students were congratulated on their efforts. This was a great learning experience for our school’s ECO Team!

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