Butterfly Project


HNMA Eco kids vision is to create a school that is environmentally friendly and to have our students involved in projects that educate them on environmental topics. We have a greenhouse, a vegetable garden and are working on completing our biodiversity garden.

During this phase of our biodiversity garden we would like to create a butterfly garden. We are planning to designate an area in our garden for our butterfly exhibit. We will plant flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies. We will order butterfly kits for our classes so they learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. When the butterflies are ready to be released we will release them in our garden in hopes that they will stay in our garden for our students to observe.


This year one of our projects was learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We added plants and shrubs to our garden that will attract butterflies for years to come. We have planted spirea, phlox, lilac, and bearberry. The garden is also open to the public. We have started a memorial garden in the biodiversity garden so community
members also visit the garden.




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