Chemical Busters


Our vision is to see cleaner water around the world, and for people to be educated about this and do something about it. We also wanted to see fewer people causing chemical pollution and remember that people around the world do not have access to clean water and remember that unimportant things that you do could have a significant impact on someone’s water.


Our class had a presentation from Lumin Ultra and Quartermain company in Fredericton , N.B, about water contamination and chemicals in the water, and my group learned a lot of things from those two presentations. We decided that we wanted to research and dive deep into this topic, since it is not talked about a lot and needs to be discussed more. Most of Canada has clean water and most people take it for granted and we hope people see the importance of water and do something about it. We presented to two grade 6 classes about our topic and quizzed them with a Kahoot. We made a survey and put our QR code at an open house at our school for parents to answer. We also presented our QR code to 3 other classes, and we found out that they did not know much about our topic. We did a cleanup of the Wolastoq River with other classes. We also made a Canva poster with 5 tips to reduce chemical contamination/pollution.

Reflection & Celebration

We learnt a lot about chemicals and how they affect water. Presenting to the two grade 6 classes about this topic was the best part of this project.
Doing the river clean up helped us understand how much garbage is being thrown out outside every day and does impact the water .
Celebration: We will have a Film Festival at our school between May 28th- May 30th in which classes from grades six through eight can sign up and bring a class to watch our Water Docs videos that we created. We will have a few students who were involved in Water Docs there to facilitate the showing of the videos. We will have a feedback form for them to fill out afterwards and there will be time for our student leaders to answer any questions from the classes.


Check out our video here!

3. Good Health and Well-Being
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
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