Classroom Composting


Our vision for Canada is to reduce food waste and provide opportunities for students to help our environment. With this project, students explore opportunities to volunteer and help at school, and recognize their value to the school community. They consider environmental consequences of human actions, make and record simple measurements, identify simple environmental implications of their and others’ actions, and contribute to care for the school and environment.


The project was to add composting to our school’s recycling and reduction program. Last year we introduced a school garden, and this year we have extended that to include an outdoor classroom and learning about the environment. We also have a school garden club every Wednesday at lunch.
Three large composters were purchased from the City of Quesnel and countertop composters for each classroom and the staffroom. The large composters were put together by students, and the countertop composters were introduced and given to classes with an explanation of the food items that could go into them, at a school assembly. Students are involved in collecting the countertop bins, and transferring the food waste into the large compost bins. They will also record items in the bins, and share their findings at assemblies.

Reflection & Celebration

The school joined many other community members who are adding composting to their environmental efforts. Students were shown the composters at an assembly and are encouraged to have their family recycle as well.

This project is not completed. It will continue, and we will celebrate and share the results of the items in the compost at monthly assemblies, in our school year-end slideshow, on our school Facebook page for parents/guardians to read, and Class Dojo page.

Our anticipated future project activity is to use the compost in our school garden, grow vegetables, fruit, and add a greenhouse to our outdoor garden and outdoor classroom.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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