Climate Action Fair


Our Climate Action Fair was a vibrant and educational event where students showcased their dedication to environmental sustainability through a series of interactive booths. Organized into small groups, students researched various eco-friendly topics and presented their findings in an engaging, fair-type atmosphere. Each booth was a unique blend of information, creativity, and interactivity, aimed at educating and inspiring the community about practical steps to protect and improve our environment.


We had 10 different booths where students presented their research and activities to each viewer to the event. We had the following:
1. Bat Boxes
– Content: Information about the importance of bats in controlling insect populations and supporting biodiversity.
– Interactive Element: Batman Trivia game.
– Giveaways: Pamphlets on bat conservation and links to small bat box kits.

2. Bug Hotels
– Content: The role of insects in ecosystems and how bug hotels provide safe habitats.
– Interactive Element: A model of a bug hotel with actual “guests” to interact with.
– Giveaways: Seedlings and instructions on maintaining bug hotels.

3. Hydroponic Gardens
– Content: The benefits of hydroponics for sustainable agriculture.
– Interactive Element: A live hydroponic garden setup with explanations on how it works.
– Giveaways: A game that students interact with and win a prize: pencil, stickers, erasers.

4. Homegrown Foods
– Content: Advantages of growing your own food for health and the environment.
– Interactive Element: A model of a homemade windowsill garden
– Giveaways: Seedlings and gardening guides.

5. Garden Kits
– Content: Steps to create and maintain a garden, even in small spaces.
– Interactive Element: A demonstration of different types of garden kits suitable for various spaces.
– Giveaways: Compact garden kits for participants to take home.

6. Bird Houses and Bird Baths
– Content: The significance of providing habitats for local bird species.
– Interactive Element: An explanation on building bird houses and baths with a prototype on display.
– Giveaways: QR Code to access more information about local birds

7. Recycling
– Content: The importance of recycling and how to do it effectively.
– Interactive Element: A sorting game to teach proper recycling habits.
– Giveaways: Reusable bags, pencils and recycling guides.

8. ECO Escape Room
– Content: An immersive experience where participants solve environmental puzzles.
– Interactive Element: An escape room challenge focused on eco-friendly themes.
– Giveaways: Eco-friendly prizes for participants who completed the challenge.

9. Scavenger Hunt
– Content: An engaging hunt designed to teach participants about local flora and fauna.
– Interactive Element: A scavenger hunt with clues related to environmental facts.
– Giveaways: Prizes such as seedlings and treats for scavenger hunt winners.

10. Pollinating Garden, hosted by the ECO Club
– Content: Explanation of what the club is responsible for around the school with attention to the pollinating garden and all the native plants that are there and will be planted in the next couple of weeks.
– Interactive Element: a flip chart exhibit demonstrating all the projects that are current in the school
– Giveaways: each visitor was given a pencil and homemade sticker.

Reflection & Celebration

Every student was involved in their project to some capacity. They all completed research and designed their booths to meet the needs of their topic and the Climate Action Fair’s mission statement.

They even made suggestions on what to do next year to have a larger impact on the school and community.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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