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Windermere Secondary School is located in the Renfrew Collingwood Neighbourhood of East Vancouver. Windermere Secondary has a student population of over 1100 students and has 6 elementary feeder schools from which it draws students. Our school has been recognized by organizations such as the City of Vancouver, Environmental Youth Alliance, Haste, and others for our ability to engage youth in meaningful ways in projects we have worked on in the past, along with current endeavors. Leadership students are part of a community support network that prioritizes social responsibility, community engagement and environmental stewardship. It is through diverse experiences in their school and community that students learn to be active citizens.


2 of our major projects that are ongoing include
Climate Conference-One of our larger events is the Climate Change Conference, or C3, which brings students from across Vancouver for a full day of presentations, workshops, and community action. The conference is put together annually by the Grade 11 Leadership class and is now entering into its 7th year. The conference regularly attracts over 300 students from as far away as Kelowna and Vancouver island and has also been acknowledged by our Member of Parliament, Don Davies, in the House of Commons. Past speakers have included Jim Hoggan, chair of the David Suzuki foundation, and Andrew Weaver, Canada’s first Green MLA
Our other large event is the Earth Day Parade and Celebration. A community event that approximately 1000 people attend. Last year, it included the closure of Commercial Drive, a major street in Vancouver, and the access to a park for the celebration. This meant writing applications for permits, policing, and grants, as well as finding equipment, performers, and speakers, including David Suzuki.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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