Climate Garden Rejuvenation


Student members of the Eco Council club at Oakville Trafalgar High School will be upgrading the school’s climate garden. This will include adding a bench or picnic table and tree stump stools to create an outdoor space that is enjoyable by students and community members. The aim is to draw students outdoors to enjoy a natural space and benefit from the calming and rejuvenating aspects of being in nature. The project aligns with the schools goal of addressing mental health issues among youth.


Youth members of the Eco Council will be responsible for planning and implementing the additions to the garden. This will include securing approval for changes to the school grounds, purchase of supplies, construction of bench, table or stools, and addition of changes to the garden. Students will be actively involved in all aspects of the project from planning to implementation, demonstrating their leadership skills. The school community will benefit from the project by having an outdoor space on the school grounds for gathering, socializing, and enjoying nature.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
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