Climate Warriors Recycling


The five 5th Grade students who participated in the Climate Action Youth Forum chose recycling as their project. Our school currently recycles, but many of the students are unaware of what items they can recycle, where they can recycle, and how they can properly recycle. We chose to enhance the current program that we already have to support climate/sustainability for our school and the community.


To fulfill their objectives, they created new, colourful signs for all recycling bins using the Canva app. Once they were completed, we laminated and posted them in and on the appropriate places.

With the grant money, we have purchased new bins for items that we are not currently recycling (see #2 above), and replacement bins for juice boxes and cans and bottles that needed replacing.

Lastly, the Climate Action Warriors created a Power Point presentation with the purpose of giving the students and staff a clear understanding of recycling’s impact on our school, the community and the world. They then visited each classroom, giving their presentation to the students. They collected examples of recyclable items to demonstrate more clearly the what and how of recycling.

Reflection & Celebration

The Climate Warriors are committed to continuing their recycling endeavors throughout their time at RJDS. They plan on passing on their duties and their responsibility of educating the new generation of students to the younger students that follow them.


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