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Our vision is to stop the wasteful fashion cycle that we have found ourselves in. With the rise of social media, fashion microtrends have taken the forefront of our shopping practices. And often, these stores are producing clothes in excess, resulting in the overproduction and overconsumption of resources by teens, without realizing it. Our vision is to educate students on the importance of textile recycling, and to help them make informed, educational decisions when not only purchasing clothing, but when deciding what to do with their textile waste.


In implementing our action plan to educate and reduce textile waste, we plan to organize a Seasonal Clothing Drive or a Bi-Annual Event to Swap items to REwear, REuse, or REpurpose. At these events, students will be able to bring in all their old/unused clothes for donation, which will be weighed and documented at every donation so that we have a tally on the number of clothing items and weights that have been diverted from landfill and have found a new prospective life. So far in the school year, we have held two clothing drives, diverting around 305 kgs of textile waste from landfills. The clothes that have been collected have been sent to charity organizations for donation.

Battery drives have also been held as a continuing practice throughout the year, along with pop can tabs and milk bags, as an ongoing practice in the Loyola community to prevent unnecessary household wastes.

Reflection & Celebration

In looking back at our previous clothing drives, we have seen much success in the results of them. However, the largest lesson we learned was to advertise many weeks in advance to the actual event. This provides students time to collect all their clothing as donations for the drive, thus resulting in the maximum output of textile recycling.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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