CMART Eco Team- News Flash at the Geocache!


To bring together students, families and members of the community to increase awareness, begin a dialogue and take action towards local matters that affect our community!


1. Students survey the environment around the community: speak with community members, city officials and conduct visual inspections and formal testing of the local environment to determine vital issues that affect the local environment.

2. Students create Geocaching Treasure Hunts to bring others to local areas of environmental concern. The student created Geocache will contain clue(s) that will lead the finder to explore important environmental issue(s) in the area where the Geocahe is located and determine the issue’s consequences on local residents. All participants will be invited to submit possible solution(s) to the issues on the Geocache website.

3. Solutions and suggestions provided will be posted around the school and in the broader community via social media.

4. Students and community take action! Examples included but not limited to: Water testing, soil Ph testing, community greening, community clean-ups, cache for trash!

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
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