Community Garden


Our vision for Canada is as young individuals we will learn how to grow our own source of food.


This year, the All Saints Learning Council has rolled out its newest initiative: the community garden. The goal of the garden is to grow fresh vegetables that will be used by our Breakfast Club to support the lower-income sector of our school community. So far, we have planted string beans and cucumbers in indoor planters in our library. Additionally, as we head into warmer weather, we will also be planting carrots in three new outdoor planters made by our own talented students. Overall, we have started this planting season off to a successful start with the vegetables already several inches tall. With the continuing attention and care of the students and staff monitoring our vegetables, we hope to “grow” our planting program to include a wider variety and quantity of vegetables in years to come. With this project, All Saints aims not only to improve our sustainability as a school but also support less-fortunate members of our own community.

Reflection & Celebration

All of the students involved have spent hours researching how to build an outdoor garden and how to maintain the sources of our food, which for this project is plants and vegetables. We have made three 4 by 10 planters and have research on how to keep animals out of the garden and have made adjustments in order to make sure this occurs. From there, we researched what soil was needed to make sure that the plants would remain healthy and grow vibrantly. Then we planted the seeds inside and hardened them so that they would grow quickly. Currently, we are finishing the last planter and our soil will be delivered by the end of the week. The carrots that will be planted are going to be planted directly into the ground. All students are extremely excited to see growth in our crop. We have also had our students with special needs students help water the plants and vegetables, and it was incredible to see the enjoyment in their faces while helping with our project.

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