Community Garden


Students envisioned a community garden outside in the playground. A location where students can plant, cultivate and reap the delicious benefits of their labour! Students wanted to enjoy fruits and vegetables, as well as tend to a small garden for the school community.


We decided to purchase 2 raised gardening kits and plenty of soil. The raised garden kits are 4×4 feet, made from recycled plastic so they will never rot, splinter or warp. The recycled plastic also prevents seepage of soil. In the Spring, students will assemble the garden kits, and then sew seeds, then plant various fruits and vegetables in the raised gardens. Students can then tend to the garden, and reap the rewards once the crop begins to grow! Students will enjoy the great outdoors, along with developing collaboration skills with their peers, responsibility and initiative! Stay tuned for our Spring photos!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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