Compost the Most


In a perfect world, everyone would practice vermicomposting. This is important because it will reduce waste, it will encourage healthy eating, and it will create rich healthy soil for planting plants that will improve our air quality.


-spread the word about Vermicomposting:
-write a rap and sing it on the announcements. “Compost for what?” (Turn Down for What Parody)
-Slogan: “Compost the most or you’re toast”
-We want to spread vermicomposting throughout the whole school (contest for free vermicomposting kit?)
-make a youtube channel to spread the word about vermicompost
-present an informational session to other classes about vermicomposting
-compare vermicomposting to aquaponics in an experiment
-conduct an experiment with our vermicompost soil vs. store soil

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