The vision of the students from Oakenwald School was to launch a composting program at the school.


A rotating composter was purchased with funds from EcoLeauge Fund, assembled, and placed outside. Sadly, due to COVID19 the school year, and therefore the student Garden Club was cut short. Our hope was to continue in the fall, but with the formation of cohorts and the code
orange restrictions, we have not made been able to restart our compost program as of yet. Having the composter at the school and in a state of readiness will facilitate a smooth transition to a school-wide compost program once it is safe to once again do so.

Reflection & Celebration

The celebration portion of this grant will be occurring in the future once we start to successfully collect biodegradable waste and relaunch our garden club. On reflection, I think our student-driven plan to present to each classroom, and provide each class with a poster reminding students what can and cannot be placed in the compost, gives a solid direction. Our commitment to this project remains firm and we are off to a good start and ready to recommence once COVID stops being a limiting factor.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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