Composting at school


The initial goal of Neelin’s Eco Club was to plant trees around the school grounds, but after meeting with a landscape designer and gardening specialist it was discovered that the soil around the school would need to be revitalized to support any planting. The compost generated by the school’s canteen and students would provide for a very healthy fertilizer and reduce the amount of waste leaving the school. The members hope to use the soil developed through this program to help to plant trees on the school grounds and create a community garden.


École secondaire Neelin High School’s Eco Club of nine members planned and implemented a composting program in the school this year. An education program was created to inform the school population (approximately 550 students and staff) about composting and what can and cannot be composted at the school. Compostable materials collected at the school include all the dishware used in the canteen as well as all the garbage bags used in the building. Excess compostable materials (mostly dishes and paper towels) were shared with the community through community gardens and staff in the division. The Eco Club is continuing to work with members of the Brandon Environment Committee to establish a collection schedule for excess compostable material.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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