Composting Kindergartens!


We would like to become the Composting Kindies!! We have found a small counter top composter that we would like to purchase to have in our classroom. Our goal is to reduce food waste and create rich and nutrient compost to add to our school garden. We are fortunate to have a beautiful garden that we spend a lot of time working in. This compost would help our garden grow the vegetables that we enjoy for snacks. We also have a pollinator garden and are hoping this compost will help attract more bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We would like to start small in our 2 kindergarten classes and if all goes well the children would like to collect food waste from the other classes in our school. We have a wonderful hot lunch program at our school that would benefit from having a compost on site to reduce food waste.
“We don’t need to put banana peels in the garbage if we can put them in the compost” says JJ, a Kindergarten student at Queen’s Park who is interested in composting and helping mother nature.
“We could also put orange peels and food waste in the compost” says Hannah, a Kindergarten student who is interested in reducing food waste in our school.
“We grow vegetables and all sorts of stuff”, says Eli who is an eager Kindergarten gardener!
“We can help mother nature” says Dahlia, a Kindergarten student who wants to help more plants grow.
“We want to save the world” says Celeste, another Kindergarten student who is keen to get composting!
Our Kindergarten class is interested in planting the seeds of composting so that other schools in our community can follow our lead. We would also love to see more families in our community compost.


We became the Composting Kindies! This was so awesome and inspiring we also became the Recycling Kindies with our very own classroom sorting station!
We had noticed how much was ending up in our garbage can throughout the day and wanted to make a change. We purchased a FoodCycler (counter top composter) and placed compost bins in 5 of our primary pod classrooms as well as the staff room. We collect the bins every day and typically run 2 cycles a day. The children are always excited to go and collect the compost bins from the other classrooms and love to cut up the food items into smaller pieces to make things easier on our FoodCycler. These daily cycles take care of all the food waste in our Primary Pod. Each day we add our compost to the school garden and look forward to watching our vegetables grow with these extra added nutrients.
Once we started with the composter we noticed we were still throwing away a lot of trash each day so we looked more into what could be recycled. The students created bins for each type of recyclable packing in our lunches. Some of these bins are crinkle plastic, hard plastic, soft plastic, aluminum, juice boxes and paper/card board. The children take great pride in making sure their items end up in the right bin.

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